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1: Definition

A process of dialogue and discussion with the client in order to understand the need for the project and the outcomes to be realised. This forms the basis of the brief for the work.

2: Study

A period of inquiry and investigation into the viability, affordability and technical constraints which may affect the success of a project. A process of developing, discussing and reviewing concepts.

3: Design

Complete the plans and submit applications for statutory consent. Review and incorporate the work of other project members including engineers, qs etc.

4: Construction Information

Prepare details to describe all aspects of the development and to act as a basis for competitive prices. Coordinate and integrate the proposals with the work of other consultants.

5: Work Administration

Prepare contracts, undertake occasional site visits, organise and attend meetings, record variations and payments made, prepare and submit certificates as appropriate and agree final account at the end of the project.

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