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Ownership transfer and continuity

On the 31st of March I relinquished my role as director of Dobson:Owen. As from the 1st of April, Rhodri Evans will be responsible for and will lead the practice. I would like to thank our customers and the many individuals and organisations with whom we have worked over the last 35 years or so for their support and their trust.

I am now looking forward to working as a part time employee for an extended period until such time as a replacement architect is employed and will be taking an active interest in the development of the practice’s projects as a consequence of the efforts of Rhodri, Derec, Gethin and Arfon.

As in all companies the support and efforts of each individual is central to the development of the company and I am personally indebted and extremely grateful to all who have worked in the practice - Derec in particular has been extremely loyal and conscientious in all that he has done since the early 90’s when he first joined the practice. I need also to mention Huw (Owen) who was instrumental in setting up the practice and who provided the inspiration for a great deal of the practice’s work until he decided to investigate other avenues.

There is a time for everything and it is well beyond time for me to stand aside in order to allow the practice to further develop.

Thank you all,


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